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To support us as we provide education and period kits for Masai Girls in Tanzania!
Just $13 provides a girl with a kit to help her manage her monthly cycle which in turn allows her the freedom to stay in school and get a better education.
Your money goes to support the education day that we're hosting with local community leaders in rural Tanzanian village where our designer, Kee Edwards, lived and volunteered with these girls.
Imagine using an old cloth - not pads or tampons, to control your monthly period. 
You stay home to wash it throughout the day and eventually miss so much school that your mother decides you should just stay at the village. 
So instead of getting an education, you help her cook, gather firewood, care for the children and collect water from the river. 
Each Kit Includes: 
  • underwear
  • plastic ziplock baggies & soap
  • 2 waterproof shields with
  • 8 absorbent flannel liners
  • carrying bag to hold it all
To learn more about the kits, see Days for Girls. 

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