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SULTAN eau de parfum

SULTAN, our debut scent, created with New York based, Nova Perfume

Inspired by the ancient spice and silk routes and how the pursuit of foreign ingredients empassioned whole cultures and ignited the flames of men and women the world over. 

Envision walking through an exotic bazaar. Your feet step onto ancient stone pavers; the sounds, the scene, the secret and the taste of the air - In the heat the scent engulfs you like a warm blanket, your every sense is awakened. 

SULTAN is created from a complex blend of Ingredients including ripe feijoa, agarwood, smoky birch tar and Oud, one of the most valued essences in the world today. It is highly prized in the Middle East and beyond for it's woody, aromatic scent. 

Meaning strength and power, SULTAN is a sultry composition of luxurious heart and deeply grounding base notes in a high concentration of perfume oils. The scent hits primal notes in the Root, Sacral & Heart Chakras. Love. Lust. Earth. Belonging.

Intoxicating and smoldering, Nova for Loup Charmant’s SULTAN is wonderful for both men and women and available in two sizes- a 30ml spray, and a 5ml roll-on. 

Samples are also available for order here as well. 

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